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Technomad and Nuance partner on pioneering voice technology

March 29, 2017

I recently read that more than half of teenagers today use voice-enabled digital assistants in their smart phones, PCs and laptops. That doesn’t surprise me a bit. Healthcare usually lags behind, but not this time. I’m using a virtual assistant named Florence in my practice to help me place orders and the results are exciting. I really don’t think technology adoption has that much to do with age. If a tool or app is easy and helpful, people will use it. That’s what’s working for me, and I have the results to prove it.
  By Dr. Anthony Sagel

Bonita Springs company forms partnership with DC based hospital

October 4, 2015

Technomad, a Bonita Springs based IT and software development company, announced today a new partnership with Bridgepoint HealthCare Systems of Washington D.C. Technomad is to assume full responsibility for all IT functions at both Bridgepoint hospital campuses in Washington beginning November first. Technomad CIO Joe Morris expects the transition to provide immediate benefits.

Technomad is an IT and software development company headquartered in Bonita Springs, Florida. Founded in 2012, they provide IT and software solutions to healthcare institutions from the mountain west to south Florida.

Pertinent Addresses:
27200 Riverview Center Blvd
Suite 107
Bonita Springs, FL 34134

BridgePoint HealthCare
4601 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SW
Washington, DC 20032

Voice-driven digital platform keeps doctors in touch with patients, records

March 2, 2015

It used to be that you couldn’t be two places at the same time.

That’s no longer the case for physicians on the go, however, thanks to ChartPad®, a voicedriven digital platform that allows doctors to monitor a patient’s vital signs in real time from any mobile device.

Created by William Kapp, the founder and president of Landmark Hospitals, which is building a facility in North Naples, ChartPad has the ability to change the rules for health care professionals, Kapp said.

“Instead of bending the clinical workflow around the IT platform, ChartPad bends the IT platform around the clinical work pattern,” Kapp said of the pilot software program that also turns spoken words into text. “With ChartPad, documentation is easy andintuitive, allowing for a return to high clinician productivity.”

From Rockwell to reality: The evolving role of the physician

May 29, 2014

“In Norman Rockwell’s, Doctor and Boy Looking at Thermometer, a white-haired man in a tailored gray suit sits on the edge of bed and is engaged attentively with his patient. That physician made house calls and had the time to teach a young patient how to take a temperature. But, that was then.

The reality is that Rockwell’s physician actually spent more time providing care than documenting it. He wasn’t required to view patient data on a screen, document care on a keyboard in the hallway, or point-and-click his way through a checklist of symptoms. In today’s digital era, getting physicians refocused on patients means finding ways to integrate technology directly into current clinical workflows.”

Tablet program aims to help doctors, patients

March 17, 2014

The concept of touch-based, voice-driven tablets is not new — smartphones have touch screens, and the iPhone features a voice recognition system called Siri. But bringing that technology into the medical world is a new idea that’s gaining popularity, particularly in the Cape Girardeau office of Dr. William K. Kapp III, CEO and chairman of Landmark Hospitals and Technomad.

New Voice-Driven, Intuitive EHR System at HIMMS 14

February 13, 2014

ChartPad is an intuitive, innovative, voice-driven EHR designed for clinicians by clinicians. ChartPad provides the clinician with a mobile, cloud-based solution for patient documentation that accommodates the physician and nursing workflow. “Instead of bending the clinical workflow around the IT platform, ChartPad bends the IT platform around the clinical work pattern,” explains William Kapp, MD, ChartPad President and CEO.

With ChartPad, documentation is easy and intuitive allowing for a return to high clinician productivity. Chartpad interfaces with all aspects of the patient medical record providing the clinician with streaming vital signs, tele-presence, radiology, laboratory, and all other aspects of the patient encounter at his or her fingertips.

In partnership with Nuance®, Sotera®, and Microsoft®, ChartPad sets a new standard for electronic clinical documentation allowing the clinician to return “Treating the Patient and Not the EHR.”

Voice Recognition and Customizable EHRs, and Clinical-grade Surface Devices Maximize the Physician Experience

October 23, 2013

To give hospital doctors mobile access to electronic health records (EHRs), US hospitals group Landmark created ChartPad, a browser-based EHR application for Windows 8 that runs on Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablets. Now doctors speak or write directly into customizable digital forms, and specialists remotely access patient records on personal devices. With less desk work and better patient data, doctors spend more time with patients.

Why Hospitals Still Build Their Own Health IT

September 4, 2013

Building in-house healthcare technology is a daunting task, especially in a market dominated by off-the-shelf options like Epic and Cerner. But those options can be expensive and disruptive to existing physician workflow, leading a number of health organizations to start from scratch.


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