The next generation of electronic healthcare record software has arrived. Introducing ChartPad® EHR by Technomad.

What is ChartPad?

ChartPad is a subscription-based EHR designed for long-term acute care (LTACH) hospitals. ChartPad is different from other EHRs on the market in that it’s designed from the clinician’s point of view, with a strong emphasis on usability and a short learning curve. As a cloud application, there are no expensive hardware requirements or large upfront fees associated with the installation. With ChartPad, your hospital is simply buying a subscription to a high quality, easy to learn EHR deployed over the web.

Speech Recognition

The power and ease of dictation

Cloud Based

Available anywhere, anytime

Powerful MAR

Easy to use medication

One Pane of Glass

Everything a clinician needs
in one place

Cost Savings

As a web-based application, ChartPad requires a much less significant up-front capital investment than other EHR systems. Hardware requirements are minimal, which accelerates the stand-up process and allows your staff to begin using the EHR right away on existing computers. Maintenance fees are negligible and software upgrades are included at no cost to the customer.

Here are a number of ways ChartPad delivers value to the bottom line:

  • Eliminate transcription costs entirely
  • Increase documentation quality and pro-fee billing
  • Eliminate unneeded labs and other costly studies
  • Improve charge capture
  • Improve clinical efficiencies and reduce overhead
  • Maximize reimbursements
  • Eliminate costly medication mistakes and adverse medication incidents
  • Avoid regulatory penalties (Meaningful Use and MACRA)

The ChartPad Advantage

ChartPad is comprised of powerful independent modules that integrate to provide all of the complex functions of an EHR.



Medication administration in ChartPad is safe, easy, and accountable. Barcode labeling and scanning makes the nurse’s jobs easier, while also ensuring the correct medication is given in the correct amount, at the correct time. Late or missed administrations are clearly called out on the EMAR, reducing the frequency and severity of drug lapses. When administering pain medications, nurses are required to enter pain values and conduct follow-ups so that medication efficacy can be tracked and reported. Likewise, Warfarin administrations require INR values to ensure plasma viscosity remains optimal throughout the patients stay. At the time of administration, ChartPad displays images of the correct medications, allowing nurses to verify their medications visually, as well as by name and barcode.


Medication Reconciliation

Quickly and accurately reconcile patient medication regimens upon arrival, transfer, and discharge.


Physician Documentation Voice Assist

Cut out transcription costs entirely, while increasing physician productivity and note quality with ChartPad’s superior documentation module.


Charge Capture

Easily capture charges and have them sent to your billing system electronically. Cut down on missed revenue and valuable reimbursement qualifiers.


Built-in Messaging Platform

An integrated messaging platform allows ChartPad users to easily communicate with one another and stay up to date on patient conditions and developments.


CPOE Voice Assist

Physicians can quickly and accurately place orders in ChartPad using an advanced CPOE interface. Simply speak your order and ChartPad’s virtual assistant will place it into the system. A redundant order prevention feature allows ChartPad to detect potentially unnecessary (and often costly) laboratory studies and inform the physician before he or she places the order. ChartPad also screens every medication order against patient allergies and checks for dangerous drug-to-drug interactions.



Routine and triggered tasks are fully customizable to fit the needs of the facility. We can build custom logic around critical patient concerns like allergies, restraint status, code status, and immunizations. Our built in chart check feature makes reviewing orders frictionless, timely, and comprehensive.



ChartPad offers a full suite of reporting tools for quality, clinical, and administration purposes. Real time patient data and quality metrics can be easily pulled at a moments notice – no more sifting through piles of paper charts.


Compliance and HIM

If your facility is having problems with providers not signing documents and orders, ChartPad can help. Hospitals that use ChartPad have very few incomplete and delinquent records, thanks to intelligent reminders and alerts.